2020 NFL CBA Explained: Base Salary

During the course season, NFL players receive installments of their base or "Paragraph 5" salary. Under the new CBA, the period over which the players receive these installments are increased significantly.

NFL Contracts Explained: NFL Minimum Salaries

In the NFL, salary is defined as “…the compensation in money, property, investments, loans or anything else of value to which an NFL player…is entitled in accordance with a Player Contract, but not including benefits (NFL CBA, p. 90). A player and team can agree to different types of payments that can affect the salary... Continue Reading →

NFL Contracts Explained: Paragraph 5 Salary

Surely, anyone who pays attention to ESPN or NFL Network coverage has heard the terms “base salary” or “game check.” In the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, this salary is referred to as Paragraph 5 (P5) Salary because its details are set forth in the fifth paragraph of the standard NFL player contract. A player’s P5... Continue Reading →

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