NFL Free Agency: Transition Tag

The Transition Tender is very similar to the Franchise Tender, albeit at a reduced salary and without drat pick protection. In any given year, the team can use either one or the other on an upcoming free agent. The time frame to use the tender is the same as the franchise tag (Sec. 3, (a),... Continue Reading →

NFL Free Agency: Unrestricted Free Agents

An Unrestricted Free Agent (UFA) is a player who has four or more Accrued Seasons and whose contract has expired. UFA’s are free to sign contracts with any team, and any team can sign such player without penalty or restriction (NFL CBA, Art. 9, Sec. 1 (a), 35). Unrestricted free agency is coveted by players... Continue Reading →

NFL Free Agency: Exclusive Rights Free Agents

An Exclusive Rights Free Agent (ERFA) is a player who is no longer under contract with a club but has less than three Accrued Seasons. If the player’s former team offers him a one-year contract for the minimum Active/Inactive Salary (subject to player’s Credited Seasons), the player can only sign a contract with that team.... Continue Reading →

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