NFL Free Agency: Transition Tag

The Transition Tender is very similar to the Franchise Tender, albeit at a reduced salary and without drat pick protection. In any given year, the team can use either one or the other on an upcoming free agent. The time frame to use the tender is the same as the franchise tag (Sec. 3, (a),... Continue Reading →

NFL Free Agency: Restricted Free Agents

A Restricted Free Agent (RFA) has only three Accrued Seasons at the expiration of his Player Contract. RFAs are free to sign with any team, but RFAs prior teams have options that can restrict player mobility. There are various tenders (“Qualifying Offers” in the CBA) that a team can offer a player. Each come with... Continue Reading →

Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berry Contract Analysis

Eric Berry Contract Analysis Total Value: 6 years, $78,000,000 - $13M Average Per Year FOF Projection: Five – 5 years, $67,500,000 - $13.5M APY Eric Berry Contract Length Six years has become more the standard when extending star defensive players (i.e. Ndamukong Suh, Marcell Dareus, Von Miller, Justin Houston, Fletcher Cox, etc.). If he plays... Continue Reading →

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