NFL Career Earnings: Darrelle Revis

Darrelle Revis Career Earnings Darrelle Revis Career Accolades 1x Super Bowl Champion 1x AFC Defensive Player of the Year 7x Pro Bowl 4x First-Team All-Pro Revis Island Career Stats: 486 tackles, 29 INT, 138 PD, 4 FF, 12 FR, 2 sacks Darrelle Revis Contracts 2007 - 6 years, $37,311,500 2010 - 4 years, $46,000,000 2013... Continue Reading →

NFL Career Earnings: Randy Moss

Randy Moss Career Earnings Randy Moss Career Accolades 6x Pro Bowl 4x First-Team All-Pro 5x Recieving TD Leader Career Stats: 982 receptions, 15,292 yards, 156 TD Randy Moss Contracts 1998 - 4 years, $4,515,000 2001 - 8 years, $66,275,000 2007 - 1 year, $2,500,000 (Patriots) 2008 - 3 years, $27,000,000 (Patriots) 2012 - 1 year,... Continue Reading →

NFL Rookie Contracts Explained

In the past, contract negotiations for NFL rookies spilled into training camp on a regular basis. Those days have been dead since 2011. Although there are still negotiating points, the new collective bargaining agreement installed something similar to the rookie wage scale in the NBA. Each of the up to 256 draft slots are allotted... Continue Reading →

NFL Rookie Contracts Explained: Performance Incentives

Rookies are very limited with the types of Performance Incentives allowed in their contracts. While veterans can receive bonuses for attaining certain individual and/or team statistics and/or rankings, rookies can only receive incentives for playtime percentage (figured out by dividing player’s total offensive or defensive plays by the team’s total offensive or defensive plays) (Art.... Continue Reading →

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