2020 NFL CBA Explained: Base Salary

During the course season, NFL players receive installments of their base or "Paragraph 5" salary. Under the new CBA, the period over which the players receive these installments are increased significantly.

NFL Contract/Free Agency Glossary

Types of Free Agents UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT A player with four-or-more accrued seasons and an expired contract is an unrestricted free agent. Unrestricted free agents are free to negotiate with any team. RESTRICTED FREE AGENT A player with three accrued seasons and an expired contract is a restricted free agent. A restricted free agent is... Continue Reading →

NFL Contracts Explained: NFL Minimum Salaries

In the NFL, salary is defined as “…the compensation in money, property, investments, loans or anything else of value to which an NFL player…is entitled in accordance with a Player Contract, but not including benefits (NFL CBA, p. 90). A player and team can agree to different types of payments that can affect the salary... Continue Reading →

NFL Contracts Explained: Option Bonus

An option bonus is similar to a roster bonus. However, rather than receiving money for remaining on a team on a certain date, the team has the “option” to pay the bonus or terminate the player’s contract. When an option bonus is exercised, it is subject to probation like a signing bonus. If the option... Continue Reading →

NFL Contracts Explained: Workout Bonus

Some contracts also have workout bonuses, which a player earns by participating in an agreed upon percentage of the team’s offseason workout program. Most big contracts contain these bonuses as an incentive to get veteran players to attend voluntary workouts. A similar type of compensation is a reporting bonus. A player earns this bonus by... Continue Reading →

NFL Contracts Explained: Roster Bonus

A roster bonus is another form of compensation for NFL players. If a player contract contains a roster bonus in it, it is considered earned when the player remains on his team’s roster on a specified date. This type of bonus typically counts against the salary cap, in whole, during the League Year that it... Continue Reading →

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