NFL Contracts Explained: NFL Minimum Salaries

In the NFL, salary is defined as “…the compensation in money, property, investments, loans or anything else of value to which an NFL player…is entitled in accordance with a Player Contract, but not including benefits (NFL CBA, p. 90). A player and team can agree to different types of payments that can affect the salary... Continue Reading →

NFL CBA: Pro Bowl Compensation

NFL Players are entitled to compensation for their participation in the Pro Bowl (NFL CBA - Art. 38, Sec. 1, 170). Players’ will receive their game pay within 15 days of the games’ date (Sec. 5, 170). The amount a player receives for this recognition has increased in each league year since 2013. The chart... Continue Reading →

NFL CBA: Credited Seasons vs. Accrued Seasons

In the NFL, experience is worth more than its impact on the field. It can affect a player’s pocketbook, as well as his benefits when he leaves the game. The NFL determines the experience of its veterans through two different processes: Credited Seasons and Accrued Seasons. Though the two involve similar parameters to meet the... Continue Reading →

NFL CBA Explained: Postseason Pay

NFL Players are entitled to extra compensation if their teams make it to the playoffs. Section 2 of Article 37 (NFL CBA) specifies the amount that playoff participants, as well as a long list of contingencies—which I will detail below—that compensate players who were on a playoff team’s roster at some point during the season.... Continue Reading →

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