2020 NFL CBA Explained: Per-Game Roster Bonus

A roster bonus awarded on a per-game basis for being on the team’s game day (47- or 48-man) roster (“Active List”) or its active (53-man) roster (“Active/Inactive List”), which varies by contract.

For example, in a 16-game season, a player with a $1.6 million per-game roster bonus for being on the game day roster would earn $100,000 for each game he is active. Any previous contract clauses for 46- and 53-man per-game roster bonuses will be amended to reflect the new roster sizes.

Note: Under the new CBA, teams are permitted to have 48 players active on game day if said team has eight active offensive linemen. If the team has fewer than eight players whose primary position is center, guard or offensive tackle, it can only have 47 game day actives. A team still cannot exceed a 53-man Active/Inactive List unless it is promoting one or two practice-squad players using the “Standard Elevation Addendum,” in which case the team can expand its roster to 54 or 55 (only using said practice-squad players).

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