2017 NFL Free Agency: Jason Pierre-Paul Contract Analysis

Jason Pierre-Paul Contract Analysis

Total Value – 4 years, $62,000,000 + $4 Million in Incentives

JPP Contract Chart

Jason Pierre-Paul Contract Length

JPP will be 32 years old by the time he’s free to enter the free-agent market. After playing two straight seasons on one-year contracts, the Giants franchised him for the second time (2015) this offseason. Pierre-Paul had previously stated he wouldn’t play under a one-year deal in 2017, so he got the long-term commitment he’d been seeking since 2015.

Jason Pierre-Paul Contract Compensation

The franchise tag would have paid JPP $16.934-million in 2017. He parlayed that into $22.5 million in year one cash with almost 80% of the contract ($49.5M) paid in the first three years. He’ll also earn $62,500 per game roster bonuses if he is on the active 46-man roster and has $1 million in incentives.

His deal comes in $1.5-million per year short of opposite bookend Olivier Vernon ($17 million), but Pierre-Paul’s $15.5-million average still makes him the fourth-highest-paid defensive end, eighth-highest-paid defensive lineman and 12th-highest-paid defensive player in the NFL. It wasn’t the $85 million he was seeking, but Pierre-Paul did finally find security.

Jason Pierre-Paul Contract Guarantees

The deal has $29 million (47%) fully guaranteed at signing with $40 million (65%) in partial guarantees. The fully guaranteed money comes in the form of his $20-million signing bonus, his 2017 base and $6.5 million of his 2018 base, which puts him fifth among defensive ends. The dead money is overwhelming in year one ($29M) and two ($22.5M). With $10 million in dead money in 2019, JPP is assured to see the nearly $50 million through year three.

Jason Pierre-Paul Contract Cap Hits

The large signing bonus and low first-year base creates the artificially low $7.25-million cap figure in 2017 (adjusted for the 12 games of LTBE roster bonus). After this coming season, his cap number turns into a large percentage of the team’s cap. The team will have between $35.5 million and $39 million invested in its starting defensive ends for the three years from 2018 through 2020.

Jason Pierre-Paul Contract Summary

Jason Pierre-Paul has proven he’s still a force despite the Fourth of July accident that cost him 2.5 fingers in 2015, posting seven sacks and 17 QB hits in 12 games last season. Although he finally received a multi-year contract, it’d be interesting to know if Pierre-Paul wanted to hit free agency a year sooner or if the Giants weren’t willing to offer the $15.5-million APY over an additional season or two. His APY makes the former South Florida product the second-highest-paid 4-3 defensive end, only behind teammate Olivier Vernon.

*Contract information from Over The Cap, Spotrac, Pro Football Talk, and/or other sources.

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