Terrelle Pryor Washington Redskins Contract Analysis

Total Value – One year, $8,000,000
FOF Projection – Four years, $44,000,000 – $11M APY

Terrelle Pryor Sr. Contract Chart

Terrelle Pryor Contract Length

Although Pryor did have multiple-year offers on the table, he chose to bet on himself to increase his value next offseason. Pryor felt he’d be selling his future services at a discounted rate if he committed long term this year.

Terrelle Pryor Contract Compensation

Pryor will earn $6 million guaranteed by way of a $3-million signing bonus and a $3-million base salary. The contract also includes an extra $2 million that can be earned through incentives. He’ll earn game checks worth $176,470.59.

The Browns, reportedly, tried to extend him on a contract similar to the four-year, $32.5-million pact they gave to Kenny Britt, but Pryor declined the offer. The former Ohio State quarterback had three multi-year offers for $10 million per year and another for $11 million per. This would have put him in range with FOF’s projection for him.

Although, it’s not what it could have been, it is still a large raise from the $1.7 million he earned in Cleveland last season. Transforming from fringe third-string quarterback to the 28th highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL in less than two years (and one season) is no small feat, but Pryor knows there’s more money out there for him.

Terrelle Pryor Contract Guarantees

All $6 million of his contract is fully guaranteed. Of course, that’s not much compared to the guarantees he would have received in those long-term deals he declined. This puts all of the injury risk on Pryor and removes all of it from the team. A serious injury or down season would be very detrimental to Pryor’s 2018 contract ambitions.

Terrelle Pryor Contract Cap Hits

Pryor’s cap hit in 2017 is $6 million dollars. The $2-million incentives are considered Not Likely To Be Earned, although Pro Football Talk described them as “readily achievable.” If he reaches the incentives (which are not yet known), it will be charged against Washington’s 2018 salary cap.

Terrelle Pryor Contract Summary

Pryor posted 1,000 yards in his first season playing receiver, and his ceiling is undoubtedly vaulted. He’s confident that he will turn that potential into better production. This contract is the definition of a “prove-it deal.”

Kirk Cousins is a major upgrade compared to the quarterback carousel in Cleveland last year. However, there may also be more competition for targets. Washington did lose receivers DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, but Jordan Reed, Jamison Crowder and Josh Doctson are still better than the Browns skill players in 2016.

A prohibition clause, which wouldn’t allow Washington to franchise Pryor after next season, would have been a great addition to this contract. Pryor turns 28 in June, and if he were to be franchised next year, he would be 30 going into the first year of his contract, giving teams less incentive to give him the $15 or so million he’s looking for.

*Contract information from Over The Cap, Spotrac, Pro Football Talk, and/or other sources.

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