NFL CBA: Pro Bowl Compensation

NFL Players are entitled to compensation for their participation in the Pro Bowl (NFL CBA – Art. 38, Sec. 1, 170). Players’ will receive their game pay within 15 days of the games’ date (Sec. 5, 170). The amount a player receives for this recognition has increased in each league year since 2013.

The chart below shows the annual increases from the 2017-2020 games:

Year: 2017 2018 2019 2020
Winner: $64,000 $67,000 $70,000 $74,000
Loser: $32,000 $34,000 $35,000 $37,000

The NFL Pro Bowl selection process is a ballot of fans, players, and coaches. Each of these three groups’ votes will account for equal one-thirds of the total ballot. The league gathers the coaches’ votes, and the NFLPA collects the players’ votes (Art. 38, Sec. 2, 170).

Any incentive in a Player Contract for a Pro Bowl appearance is considered earned and paid through this process. Most contracts that have Pro Bowl incentives require that a player be selected on the original ballot described in Section 2, unless the contracts specifically states that the incentive will be achieved if the player is selected as an alternate as well (Sec. 2, 170).

Players who miss the game due to injury or playing in the Super Bowl will also be paid any bonus for being selected to the roster or playing in the game (Sec. 6, 170).

Players’ wives can attend the game on the NFL’s dime. An allowance for flight, hotel, and meals is allotted to each player selected. (Sec. 3, 170).

Players do have a small insurance policy, relieving some of the risk of playing a meaningless but physical game. If a player misses any part of the next regular season due to an injury directly sustained in the Pro Bowl, any games that he misses become guaranteed and will be paid in the same weekly installments ad if he was on the active roster (Sec. 4, 170).

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