2017 NFL Free Agency: Martellus Bennett Contract Projection

Martellus Bennett Contract | 2017 NFL Free Agent | New England Patriots

HT: 6-6 WT: 275 Age: 30 (3/10/2017) Seasons: 9
Status: UFA

New England Patriots Cap Space (Top 51): $59.4M (Spotrac)

Martellus Bennett Scouting Report

Mountain of a tight end with tremendous length. Size makes him a matchup problem for anyone in the passing game. Great athleticism for his size and for the position. Boxes defenders out for the football. Can stay on the field for every snap. Can be a really good blocker in the run game.

He’ll be 30 by the start of the first year of his new deal. Has struggled with drops and consistency issues. Not an explosive runner. Has had issues with focus in the past.

Martellus Bennett Statistics

  • Best season: 128 targets, 90 receptions, 916 yards, 6 TD (2014)
  • 2-year average before deal (AVG): 76.5 targets, 54 receptions, 570 yards, 5 TD

Martellus Bennett Player Comparables

Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs

  • Contract: 5 years, $46.84M; $9.4M APY, $20M GTD, $10.52M FG (2016)
  • 2-year AVG: 95 targets, 69.5 receptions, 868.5 yards, 5 TD
  • 2017 salary cap adjustment (CAP): 5 years, $50.6M; $10.1M APY, $21.6M GTD, $11.4M FG

Julius Thomas, Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Contract: 5 years, $46M; $9.2M APY, $24M GTD, $21M FG (2015)
  • 2-year AVG: 76 targets, 54 receptions, 638.5 yards, 12 TD
  • 2017 CAP: 5 years, $53.6M; $10.7M APY, $27.9M GTD, $24.5M FG

Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins

  • Contract: 5 years, $46.75M $9.35M APY, $22M GTD, $14M FG (2016)
  • 2-year AVG: 89.5 targets, 68.5 receptions, 708 yards, 5.5 TD
  • 2017 CAP: 5 years, $50.3M; $10.1M APY, $23.7M GTD, $15.1M FG

Martellus Bennett Leverage

Kelce and Reed had one season left on their rookie contracts, while Thomas hit free agency following two breakout seasons with Peyton Manning in Denver. Bennett’s definitely the best tight end in free agency this year. He’s fresh off a Super Bowl championship, and he plays a position that ages well in the NFL. However, he’s also at least four years older than Kelce, Thomas and Reed when they signed. Not to mention the promising prospects in this year’s draft that may influence team’s decisions to spend at the position.

Martellus Bennett Reservation Price

He’ll be looking to cash in big during free agency at least one more time. There’ll be a market for Bennett that should bottom out at a floor of about $6-7 million. Bennett may look for more guarantees in a shorter deal if he can’t get the long-term contract he’s looking for.

Projection: 3 years, $25.95M; $8.65M AVG, $15M FG


*Contract information from Over The Cap, Spotrac, Pro Football Talk, and/or other sources.
*Statistics from Pro Football Reference
**Contract structures are based on 2016 team’s tendencies.

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