NFL Free Agency Flashback: Priest Holmes’ 2001 Kansas City Chiefs Contract

Priest Homles Contract | Kansas City Chiefs | NFL Free Agency

Contract Details
Years: 5
Total Value: $11.7M
Signing Bonus: $2M
2001 – 448K base + $1M incentive for 1,400 yards rushing
2002 – 750K + $1M incentive for 1,400 yards rushing
2003 – $1.95M + $250k roster bonus (per game)
2004 – $2.15M + $300k roster bonus (per game)
2005 – $2.35M + $350k roster bonus (per game)

Free Agent Summary
After running for 2,102 yards in four seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, Priest Holmes signed a five-year, $11.7-million contract with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Holmes proceeded to rip off one of the greatest three-year stretches in NFL history. From 2001-2003, he carried the ball 960 times for 4,590 yards and 56 touchdowns, while adding 206 receptions, 1,976 yards and 5 touchdowns in the passing game. The University of Texas product averaged 2,188 yards and 20.3 touchdowns over the three-year span.

Holmes signed a seven-year, $40.25-million contract before the 2003 season, but he dealt with various injuries starting in 2004. He only played in 19 games over the final four years of his career. He retired after the 2007 season.

He’s now an analyst for the Longhorn Network and founded the Priest Holmes Foundation, which is committed to enhancing the lives of children through education.

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