2017 NFL Free Agency: Jamaal Charles Contract Projection

Jamaal Charles | Kansas City Chiefs | Contract Projection | 2017 NFL Free Agents

HT: 5-11 WT: 199 Age: 30 Seasons: 9

Kansas City Chiefs Cap Savings: $6.2M

Jamaal Charles Scouting Report

Track speed. Destroys angles. Great agility and quickness. Starts and stops effortlessly. Great vision. Finds the cutback lane regularly. Gets small in the hole and hits it quickly. Trouble to tackle in the open field. Can play all three downs. Very good receiving back. Averages more yards per carry than any RB in NFL history (5.5). A lot of upside.

Coming off of an ACL tear that has taken the better part of two years to heal. Has now torn the ACL in both knees. Not a power back. Doesn’t bring much power with his game. More than likely limited at this point in his career.

Jamaal Charles Statistics

  • Previous 2-year average (AVG): 4 GMS, 41.5 CAR, 202 YDS, 50.5 YPG, 2.5 TD
  • Last “Full” Season: 206 CAR, 1,324 Total YDS, 88.2 YPG, 14 TD

Jamaal Charles Player Comparables 

Matt Forte, New York Jets

  • Contract: 3 year, $12M; $4M AVG, $9M FG, $4M Incentives (2016)
  • 2-year AVG: 14.5 GMS, 242 CAR, 968 YDS, 598.5 REC YDS, 108 Total YPG, 8.5 TD
  • 2017 salary cap adjustment (CAP): $13M; $4.3M AVG, $9.75M FG

Frank Gore, Indianapolis Colts

  • Contract: 3 year, $12M; $4M AVG, $7.5M GTD, $4.5M FG (2015)
  • 2-year AVG: 265.5 CAR, 1115.5 YDS, 69.7 YPG, 7 TD
  • 2017 CAP: $14.1M; $4.7M AVG, $8.8M GTD, $5.3M FG

Arian Foster, Miami Dolphins

  • Contract: 1 year, $1.5M; $400K FG, $2M Incentives (2016)
  • 2-year AVG: 8.5 GMS, 161.5 CAR, 704.5 YDS, 82.9 YPG, 4.5 TD
  • 2017 CAP: $1.6M; $425K FG

Jamaal Charles Leverage

Three of the four backs were at least 30 at signing, while Foster was a month shy of the mark. Charles will be a UFA, but it’s been two seasons since we’ve seen the player we all know he can be. Foster and Charles were both coming off of injury-shortened seasons, but Charles has played at least 15 games in 6 of his 9 seasons (Foster only 2 of 8). Foster and Forte were safer signings due to health, but neither of them possess Charles’ upside. Charles also has luxury of a low-incentive threshold, and his new team can use NLTBE incentives skirt 2017 cap charges.

Alternatives to Long-Term Agreement

Jamaal Charles – Retire or sign one-year deal.

Jamaal Charles Reservation Price

Charles reservation price will also be whatever number he feels isn’t enough to keep playing. There will be a market for Charles; his upside should take him to Forte and Gore’s contract with incentives to sweeten the deal.

Projection:  2 years, $8.5M; $4.25M AVG, $3.5M FG, $2M Annual Incentive

Jamaal Charles Contract Structure

Signing Bonus – $2M
2017 – $1.5M base*
2018 – $5M base*
*Up to $2M per year in incentives tied to rushing yards and playing time.

*Contract information from Over The Cap, Spotrac, Pro Football Talk, and/or other sources.
*Statistics from NFL.com

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